Series I have worked on: 


Hello Movies by Cineplex

I sound design and mix this series about the latest movies playing in theatres. Hosted by Lana Gay, the show is full of interviews, trivia and behind the scenes features.



I produced, edited, and mixed this four-part mini-series, where lawyers Kelly Doctor and Nadine Blum explore issues facing workers, parents, inmates and people accused of crimes, and look at whether the law can be used as a tool for change.


Strange & Familiar 

This mini-series brought together Toronto teens and seniors living in long-term care. I trained the teenagers to interview and use recording equipment in addition to editing and mixing the series. It's a short and and worthy listen! 



I’ll Go First

This popular Globe & Mail podcast is an interview based show about Canadian entrepreneurs. I was associate producer working on behalf of the amazing Vocal Fry Studios.

thunder bay.jpg

Thunder Bay

I sound designed the opening for episode 3 on this powerful investigative podcast about racism and corruption in Thunder Bay, Ontario.



The original project that led to Strange & Familiar (above). Wisdoms features young people and seniors talking about life in a way we seldom hear. One of the teenage participants, Lia, went on to be the host of Strange and Familiar!  




"There is something painfully honest about winter: the skeletal trees, the brutal repetition of the cold. There are no empty promises, no hazy, humid hopes. It's reality, lonely and stark."
- You Are One of Them by Elliott Holt

I made this three-episode podcast for the 2015/16 winter season as a way to practice sound design. I'm still very fond of them. Maybe, one day, Wintered will make a return. 



PrideHouseTO was a collaborative initiative to make the 2015 Pan Am / ParaPan Am Games a welcome place for the LGBTQ community. I produced and hosted their podcast. This was my favourite episode. Listen and I promise you'll learn something new about the history of baseball. 


Risk Takers

I recorded and interviewed three people for this Globe & Mail series produced by JP Davidson.


Burn It All Down 

I have to include a brag about mixing and editing episodes 9 - 14 of Burn It All Down because I'm just so happy this podcast exists. Give a listen and recommend it to the sports fans in your life.