In 2008, a group of feminists let me join their radio show on Vancouver Co-op Radio and my life was never the same -- because life is linear like that. 

After four years of community radio, I busted it back to school and earned a Masters of Media Production from Ryerson University.

I've done audio work for CBC Radio programs (national and local), the Yukon government, Globe & Mail, PrideHouseTO, and Cineplex among others. I am also the first winner of the Sarah Awards International Audio Fiction Very Short Story Contest.

I currently teach podcasting at University of Western Ontario and Trent University have taught numerous workshops for community groups and institutions such as the University of Toronto, Frontier College, Toronto District School Board, Badass Muslimah, Detroit Allied Media Conference and Mammalian Diving Reflex.  

I'm available to:
- Produce or consult on podcasts.
- Sound design and mix podcasts.
- Write and/or produce fiction podcasts.
- Teach intros to podcasting, audio editing or interviewing (sliding scale for community groups).


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